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How to have no definitive size for a picture?

Okay, so I am planning to display pictures of users on my app.

I want to place the pictures in a juxtaposed manner just like the image below. How can this be achieved?


I’d think there are a number of ways to do it, but you’ll probably want to test the performance of each to see which works best.

Some ideas:

  • Create each shape separately (so they load independently)
  • Create each shape separately and have it reference the data from a repeating group that you put on the page but have set to be, say, 1px by 1px (so it’s not visible). This way, you may get the performance of a repeating group, but with the flexibility of justaposing the images.
  • Create a repeating group and input say 3 rows worth of justaposed pictures into a single “row” in the RG. Then the RG will repeat and continue to load the pictures in sets of 3.

My best guess is that option 2 works best for performance, but it wouldn’t allow users to continue to scroll down the page endlessly (if that’s a requirement)

Best of luck!

Thanks A lot @sridharan.s. But maybe I was not able to express myself correctly. The idea is display pictures of the original size and not create a predefined structure.

Ahh, okay. You could use option 1 or 2 from above, but just be sure to match the shape size to that of the image.

Okay, so if I go for the 2nd option then I have to create a repeating group and the create an image inside the group. Right?
But won’t that limit the size.
I mean I am trying to achieve what Pinterest has on its page.They don’t have a specific image size rather display the original size of the image.