How to have one particular group show up in the first row/cell of repeating group?

Hey guys so basically I have a set of website urls for example.

The first row or cell should show the homepage, irrespective of sorting in other cells. For matching I can do contains “homepage” but I can’t seem to find the cell sorting or where to assign it so that the first cell is always the website homepage.

Any ideas?


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@ayushsharmamedia The RG will always use the sorting directive when determining order of cells, but note that you can set a cascading set of sort criteria (sort by this…then by that…then by that). So, one hack you can do is add a custom “Rank” field on the URL of type=number, make the default 0. Then use a workflow to set the homepage URL’s Rank=1.

In the RG, set sort constraints to sort by Rank–>descending, then add a secondary sort criteria of whatever you like (eg date created). The result will be homepage URL (with Rank=1) is at top of RG, then all other URLs (with Rank=0) will sort by the secondary criteria (so most recently created to oldest, if you use my “date created” example).

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