How to hide a column in a table if their is no data in the column

Hi there,
I have created a table for the first time as normally I would use RG’s but thought I would try it out.

One of the functions I would like to have is to hide a column if the column does not contain any data. For the life of me I cannot figure it out. If I select row 1 it will not give me the option to hide the entire row if it is empty.

I have tried hiding a column and tried revealing a column and neither work.

similarly if I pick the whole table I can not narrow down that particular column. I did think it might work with states but thought there must be an easier work around. Has anyone had success with hiding a column if it is empty?
Many thanks in advance.

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Heres what i would try:

Se the min column width to 0px but with Fit Width to Content selected. Place a group inside with that cell’s data source. Set that group condition to if Group is Empty, this Group is not visisble, and make sure to select Collapse When Hidden. In theory when there is no data, the groupnwill collapse, amf the column will revert to its minimum of 0px, effectively hidden.

Thank you so much for your input. Unfortunately that won’t work because the first row is static and so it always sees something as being there. I also tried putting a group in but it just hides the content of the column and not the whole column.

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