How to hide a custom cell in a repeating group

Hi everyone,

there is something that i’m not able to understand
in each cell of my shops, i have a delivery distance,
i want to hide the Cell that is outside of my distance from this shop,
The problem with the within adresse distance is that it doesn’t get a single data from each different cell, so i’m not able to customise each display

Do you have any solution ?

Thanks a lot

Instead of trying to hide the cell, set the data of the RG to have a constraint: distance from me <= delivery distance.

The problem is that each shop have it own distance so it can’t be a variable according to each cell

The constraint is not based on the cell, but based on the data in the database. So you can use constraints (you might need to use :filter and/or :advanced) to set a constraint for the data. For example, Do a search for shops, with constraint shop delivery distance < distance from me

If you share a screenshot of your data structure and of the RG inside the editor I’ll tell you what to change

Thanks Deadpoet, i didn’t know about the advanced filter option, witch solved my problem !

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