How to hide a group depending on page width

Hi All,

The design of my Sign In page has an image on the PC view. I don’t want this image to show on mobile view. How can I accomplish this?

Please note that this image is within a group, hence I am trying to show/ hide the group depending on the width of the page.


Hi there,

Welcome to the forum; use conditional statements within the element to achieve this.


Hey @opeyemi.obayemi

You just need to add a condition on the element you want to hide.
When: Current page width < or = to 375px
Then: ‘This element is visible’ should be unchecked.

You can set any width you want. I just used 375px which I think is the standard for mobile :slight_smile:

Thanks @newhorizoncode. I was able to hide the group.

Thanks @ennuar. I was able to hide the group.

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