How to hide an entry in a repeating group without deleting it?


I am showing a ‘suggested articles’ in one of my preparing groups. I want to give users an option to mark the entry as ‘thumbs down’ if they don’t like that article suggested. When they click on the thumbs down an article - it should hide the article entry in that cell. But right now I can only see an option to delete a thing.

I tried with having a hide field (yes/no) in the datatype article link - but then it will hide for all users. How do I ensure that it hides only for that particular user who has clicked the thumbs down?

Hi! The trick here is to include that condition in your Search that populates the repeating group. How exactly that works depends on how you’re tracking the 'thumbs down’s.

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ok, I’ll think more on these lines. Thanks!

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