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How to hide children?

I have a floating group that pops up whenever someone clicks on the text of any cell of a repeating group. Depending on which cell they click on, different content should fill the floating group.

Inside the floating group, there are three group elements: “Title”, which is just pulled from the repeating group. “Buttons”, which I have over overlaid 10 different repeating groups of buttons that all are set to hidden to begin, and “Inputs”, which are connected to/dependent on the buttons.

When I click on the “Skills” paragraph, a pop-up will come up and let you press buttons of different potential skillsets you may possess (“cooking”, “woodworking”, “computer programming”, “black magic”, etc), and then when you click on that, it reveals more specific inputs for you to fill out.

Normally, I would include a “hide element” step in the workflow, so after you click on “finish”, it hides all of the individual elements. But there is an “x” in the top corner, and what should happen when you click the “x” is that all the children get hidden along with the floating group.

What actually happens is that the children disappear, but when you click on a different repeating text, the floating group comes back with the new set of buttons next to the old ones.

I’ve tried to “reset” the “buttons” group, to no avail. I don’t want to have to hard code closing every single potential button set into the workflow.

Am I missing something simple?

Thank you!