How to hide notification for the session

I would like to display a on-page notification (a group) that users can dismiss for the session but will reappear next session. If session is not possible, time period could work.

I have searched and cannot find a solution…hoping someone might be able to help?

Hi there, @anon71899553… could you do something simple like set a field on the User data type to a particular value when the notification is dismissed, and then set the field back to its original value when the user logs out? You would use the field to set the visibility of the notification, and I’m assuming a “session” ends with a logout, of course.

Does that make sense and sound like it could work for you?


Hi @mikeloc
Thanks again for taking the time to help me…
Yes…that could work well!
I guess it relies on them logging out…but I think I recall reading that Bubble logs out after X days anyway? So at worst they might not have it re-appear for a few days and then they have to log in again anyways and they will get the notification panel again.

Hmm, maybe a date field would be better. When the user dismisses the notification, set a date field to the current date/time. Then, hide the notification until it’s been, say, two days since the date field’s value. At that point, the notification will show up again, the user will dismiss it, and the date field gets set again to the current date/time. Anyway, just some food for thought there.

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Yes…I think that is the way to go…simple and straightforward…Thanks @mikeloc

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