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How to hide search box when I don't use it

Hello : )

I put the search icon an app.
When I clicked the button, a search box will be showing.

But sometimes I want to hide the search box when I don’t want to use it.
(I think users don’t want to use search box, they touch other place on display. Then the search box will disappear.)

How can I set this function?

Help me, Pls… Thank you.

Hi :wave:

You can do it using Custom States.

Click in your search box and, in the configuration panel, click in the “i” (info) icon located at the top right.

Create a new custom state called “visible” and chose the type “yes/no”.

Also, make you search box INVISIBLE at page load.

Now, create a workflow to toggle the Custom State “Visible” between yes/no after you click in the search icon.

I appreciate your reply. I tried it and it works well.
Thank you so much : )

If I want to hide the search bar when I click other place on display, is there a way? not icon.

Yes! But you will have to customize the click action in every other element in the page to hide the search bar

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