How to hide the design side bar?

Im building an app but the bubble builder side bar doesnt let me view my full app so when i preview it everything looks shifted to the left because i cant see whats on the right of the app because of the bubble side bar. is there any easy way to centre everything in the index page?

I guess your “Default builder width” is too wide, give it something like 1200… then your browser zoom; you can make it 80-90% for better experience.
You can also reduce the width of the sidebar, but doing that will not give you full view of your Element tree

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Thats probably my solution but i dont know howw to change the settings you just told me. SOrry for being a complete noob but where do you find that

Ok no worries, lemme demonstrate it.
I’ll attach a short video;
if you’re not clear, I can give you a Free 15min call, on how to go about it

Just click “View” (top right) and change the zoom level (last item in the menu).