How to hide variables and still use them


I have an app that does a lot of mathematical calculations based on fields filled out by the user.
The thing is I want to hide these variables and calculations, but when I hide them I can’t use them and my app stops working. Is there a way to hide elements and still have access to their values, is there a way to still use them in calculations?

The app URL is: BeefX - Suplementando com precisão

Another question is… I would like the app to be a multistep form, do I have to carry on all the variables on to the last step where the calculations are made, or is it possible to just hide and show each step?


There might many ways to do this:

  • make the element 1x1 px size - it still will be technically visible on the page and work, but it won’t be noticeable by the users.
  • cover the element by a shape same color as the background
  • place the element into a popup

Look in to custom states :slight_smile:

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I used custom states instead! Thanks anyway!

It worked! Thanks!

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