How to hold drop down values in a page?

Hi! I have a repeating group which has 3 dropdown values to filter. The first thing I want to filter on is based on location, and then choose the related object. The problem is that when I choose object, I loose the value of the location. Can anyone help me with how to “hold” the location despite of choosing different related objects afterwards?

And is it possible to get the default value to be “all objects” ? So that the repeating group shows all of the object related values.

I will really appreciate help here :slight_smile:

Br, E,M


I’d suggest providing more information such as how Location and Object are structured and related to each other in the database. Also, it’s unclear to me whether you’re using dropdowns or hidden repeating groups.

Explaining the data structure and showing the page design might help others help you. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your reply, laurence! I will try to explain it with more relations:

So I have a one to many relations from location to objects. Beneath objects, I have the repeating group (not relevant to my issue). When I choose (i.e) location A, the objects view are correct (1,2,3). Let’s say I’m at location A and object 1, and select object 2. Then everything goes “clear” (no selected value in both). I want to “hold” the location selection, even though I am chancing the object. :slight_smile: Hope that makes it more clear! Thanks so much for your help!

Br, E.M

It may not seem relevant, but something about the Objects rg is linked to the Location (is it a dropdown or repeating group?)

Both Location and Object look like a dropdown. Why are you using a repeating group (rg)? What is the Source of the Location dropdown?

Something about the Data Source (or Choices) for Location is associated with the Objects selection.

Both location and object lies in i a head group, which has a repeating group beneath with workorders. Workorders -> objects -> location. So I am trying to filter the workorders based on the object which lies in relation to the location. The filtration works on i.e. “London” and “machine B”, but if i choose another drop down value (Machine Y) both drop down menues of location and object looses their values back to default. The source of location is its own table “Location”, just like “objects” has its own table.

I also see that the debugger gives this error on the page:


Look carefully at the specification for the Location and Object dropdowns, especially the Searches. Look for any references from one to the other. Sometimes this happens when copying an element as the basis for another element.

Come to think of it, you should carefully review specifications for the workorders repeating group.

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