How to implement a search like the database search


I have an app with a search bar to look for products…

I am using the search & autocorrect plugin for the searches so that I can search with more fields, but it works kind of different than what I need.

Let’s say i have for each product the fields:
id, code, price, color, size, tag(number), name, description

Right now If I search by the code and by the size For example “CODE001 3XL” it bring all the marches for the CODE001 plus all the matches for the 3XL size, if I have 100 dresses with that code and 5 dresses with that code in size 3xl and also we have 100 other dresses with size 3xl and other different codes… this search & auto correct plugin will bring 200 dresses as the result of all the terms of this search…

In the database if I search “CODE001 3XL” it will bring only 5 records it look for the first term in the search and then for the second term it will search within the results of the first search…

How can I do that kind of search in my products page??



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