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How to Implement Controlled Search?


This is my first post on the Bubble forum so I apologize if this isn’t in the right spot. I’m creating an app that needs to have this search functionality. Essentially I’ll have two types of users, and each type of user should be able to search for each other and return a list of users that matches their search. Both types of users have their own set of attributes that can be used to search for them.

So far, I’ve tried to implement this by creating a repeating group with the user’s name and location in two columns. Then, I added a search box to the page and used the search box as the data source for the repeating group, and configured the search box to search for the user’s description of themselves, which is a multiline text input that the user can write general information about themselves in. So I set the search parameter to search for users’ who’s description contains terms entered into the search box. Each user also has a list of tags they can give themselves, and I’d like to also be able to have users specify tags for people that they’re looking for and have results return for either the tag selection box, the search box, or both and have the results ordered first by matching tags, then by description/search box, then by name of person to alphabetize it. When I tried implementing the search box using the above method I was unable to get results even though I know the word I’m entering exists in more than one user description.

How can I properly implement this type of search feature?

harsharan.d123 this can be achieved by changing the “choice style” of your search to dynamic and change the “modify list of users” to your choosing

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