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How to implement first time visitor intro screen


I have been creating a single page app that I will be wrapping with BDK Native. I have been trying to figure out how to create an introduction screen/experience as you see with many apps which allows users to see what the app is about after downloading before registering with no luck.

I was reading more on cookies and wasn’t sure if this was the right approach? I was hoping that someone here might be able to give me some insight :pray:t3:.



Hey @allen.archuletajr :wave:

That’s a good question. I do this sort of thing a lot.

I’m sure there are a few different ways to do this but this is just one option.

I normally have a field that is set on the user called something like newUser as a yes/no field. By default it is set to yes. Then on page is loaded I will trigger a popup if the condition is yes for the current user. For the next step after showing the popup I would just change the field to ‘no’.

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hello @J805,

Thanks for taking the time to answer. This does makes sense as a solution, however, in this case the user hasn’t actually become a user yet because this is the screen which is encouraging them to register as a user.

Thinking more about it I’m going to try the cookie plug-in set it for 30 days to show the page and have the cookie deleted once they click login or register. I’m thinking this should be able to accomplish what I’m wanting to do.


Hey @allen.archuletajr

Glad you found a solution. :raised_hands:

Just so you know. You can still use Current User if your cookies are enabled by default in the settings with Bubble. It stores it automatically for a while until the user actually signs up as a user and then transfers over what you saved to the Current User. Bubble basically makes a Current User in the background for any user visiting your site.

Does that make sense? :blush:

@J805 Y
Yes, that does and I see in settings that it refers to a setting on cookies for new visitors. I guess being a rookie I am just trying to figure out how to properly program the page to show only to new visitors and not ones who have already created an account. I understand the concept you mentioned before using the yes/no function if they are already a registered user in my database. However, I am a little confused on how to do that action for new visitors when bubble does not give us access to new vistor information.

Yeah, no worries. I can understand. Sometimes, for me, it’s just about thinking outside of the box. Maybe trying to do the same thing but a little different. It’s hard to know exactly what would work unless I knew more about the project. I think you will be able to figure it out. :blush: