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How to improve Stripe checkout redirect workflow?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone know on how to improve the redirect workflow once a user has completed the checkout process on stripe? Right now the user get’s redirected back to the sign up page first and then to their profile page after around 5 seconds. This can be a bit confusing for the user since they already have created their account.

Is there a way to redirect the user directly to their profile page or a custom page once a user have completed the checkout process in stripe?

This is how the workflow look like right now,

Any advice would be much appreciated!



Yes just set the success redirect URL to whatever page you actually want them to land on

Hi, @equibodyapp thanks for the reply. Yes, the redirect URL/page has been set.

The issue is that it does not go there right away but goes back to the registration page for a few seconds after completing the checkout and then automatically redirects to the final URL/page destination.

I’m trying to push it to go there directly after checkout.

Where have you set it? The redirect URL is given to stripe - it’s not the ‘go to page’ navigation workflow

Do you mean it’s set in the stripe dashboard or is it set as a workflow action? I’m a little lost on where I would enter the redirect URL

You send it in the checkout initialisation call. Are you using a stripe plugin?

Yes, I’m using the stripe plugin by bubble.

I’m not sure about the Bubble plugin as I don’t use it - perhaps Bubble handles a lot of it within the plugin which limits the flexibility of putting your own redirect URL’s but you can pass the success URL to Stripe when you initialise a checkout session.

Perhaps look at other Stripe plugins if this is important to your app.

ok thanks for helping. It seems to be such as a basic function that I should be able to do implement it without installing another plugin…I’ll keep working on it

You do it in stripe settings. Catch the webhook

@chris.williamson1996 thanks for the tips. I’ll give it that try. Just to verify before I get too deep into the rabbit hole. Is using webhook the easiest and most reliable way to redirect a user back to a specific URL after finishing the transaction on stripe?

I really wished the workflow way would work but having people redirected back to the registration page and then redirected to their profile page is just a terrible user experience.

Thanks again

Does the solution here help? Stripe plugin redirect to Thank You page after payment

In stripe you can set a url to redirect to under your settings.


Hey @chris.williamson1996 are you referring to the input on Default Redirect Link on Settings - Customer Portal? I tried that and still having the same issue since it only applies to editing subscription and not creating a new subscription. Maybe you are reffering to a different place on stripe?

Thanks @noahser I’ll give that a try.

If you’re free for a zoom I can help you knock out in under 15min

Hey you can create a final step with a condition “if the previous Stripe step is successful (something like that)”, go to another page (or do whatever you need)

That’s how I do it and it works almost perfectly.

In 1% of the cases though, Stripe doesn’t actually return back to the app. Not a big problem but I’ll need to manually register the user. If anyone has a solution I’ll be happy to hear!

Edit: oh I just understood what you were asking. I have the same problem. I think you can overlay the page with a spinning icon that says “Processing” - this element only appears when payment is successful (use a State to track perhaps). At least during these 5 seconds the user is not confused! Let me know how it goes - I need to fix this too lol

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