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How to include/require a CDN hosted script in a server side action?

My server side action relies on a script that is hosted on a CDN.

I see two possible options:

A) I somehow include the script so that the server side action can reference it. But adding it to the “shared” tab only works for client side actions ( So how do I include a CDN hosted script for server side actions?

B) I download the script and host it locally on Bubble using the Shared Resources section ( and then somehow reference it at the top of my server side action function. How do “include” the hosted script at the top of the function? What does that code look like?

If you have any advice on how to proceed I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m a novice coder and have no idea what do to with this?

I saw from your screenshot mentioning auth0. What do you exactly need here?

All good! Got it sorted now.

You pointed me in the right direction about Node.js.

So I spent a few days learning that and now it works :slight_smile: thanks!

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Would be great if you could give an overview of the learnings !