How to include some text before adding list item to a State

Was able to do this for a list in the database…

(The underlined parts)

I am trying to do the exact same thing to a State that is also a list of things. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to type in custom text around the value of the input form.

Assuming your custom state is a list of texts, you can use arbitrary text

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Hi Dorilama,

Yes, it is a list of texts.

If I type arbitrary text, it lets me do that. However, I am trying to place dynamic data within the arbitrary text, which it is not allowing me to do.

It works for a list of texts when saving to the database however.

Have a look at my example: Bubble-solutions | Bubble Editor

I’ve created a gpt-3.5 chatbot.

Use this to manually enter a static or dynamic string of text

You can add and mix dynamic text inside an arbitrary text, that’s its purpose.

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I didn’t realizer Arbitrary text was the name of an actual thing in the workflow.

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