How to input "partial" prices and gallons?


I’m building an on-demand fuel delivery app for a client. They want their drivers to be able to manually input the amount of fuel delivered and the price per gallon.

I do not drive, so I was not aware that these can have 3 numbers after the decimal. Apparently, this is called “partial gallons” or something.

For example, 15.135 gallons and $2.899 per gallon. Maybe I’m missing something, but Bubble’s current input fields seem to only allow for whole numbers.

It seems the only way to do this is to change the fields to text, but we do not want that because we do not want the driver to be able to enter anything else but numbers and currency.

Is there a trick for getting the integer format and the currency format to allow more than 2 numbers after the decimal?

Thank you

Would setting the Content format to Decimal and setting Decimal place to 3 work for your use case? You wouldn’t be able to have the $ in the input field, but I think that would work.

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Thank you. That seemed to work.

It also processed the stripe payment as well without any issues.

I greatly appreciate the help.

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Did you already release that fuel delivery app?
I’m looking for someone who can help me with an on-demand fuel delivery app.