How to insert data into API call from another call type?

hi, I made a call (name: API taggable friends) with API connector to fetch taggable friends on facebook. I get returned json with 25 friends plus the URL address for fetching next 25 friends.
“paging”: {
“next”: “URL
Now, I make another call with “Use as action” option. (name: API taggable friends next). How do I insert that URL into GET field?(it does work when I copy and paste it) I hope I have explained myself. Thank you.

Hey @d.norkus,

The API Connector is really only concerned with proper initialization of your requests. You can continue as you were by copying and pasting results of previous requests into proceeding ones. When it comes to opening this URL replacement in your own platform, you could make your entire endpoint a parameter using square brackets; typing in [URL] as your request will open up a field to be set, mark as Public and you’re all set. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply! I am trying to get it work by typing in [paging next], as the URL is stored in “paging”: {
“next”: “URL”
} from another call. But it looks like I am making a mistake somewhere…:thinking:

Since your endpoint has become a parameter, you should make you set a value. Again, Bubble’s API Connector is only concerned with initialization which usually means more manual work for you when creating the requests. To chain requests one after the other, you’ll need to add the requests in a workflow once they’re initialized. :slight_smile:

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