How to Install Olark Chat Plugin on the Site?

I installed it in the plugin section with the Site ID, but im not sure how to add it into the website itself. Thanks!

If I remember correctly, you’ve got to follow Olarks walkthrough as well?

Personally I use

It’s free and as far as I can tell pretty feature rich - get’s what I need it to done.

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Thanks for the tip, ill check tawk out

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Hey Kevin - Karl from Olark here.

You can come chat with us on right now and our CS team can help you troubleshoot.

Usually you take the HTML snippet we provide after you sign up and copy/paste that anywhere between your body tags on your site.

You can get your HTML snippet by going here ( *you’ll need to login too.

Hope that helps.

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Hello @skylershelton
I have been trying to add as well.
I just added the js code they provided i my page html header, however the chat widget does not display.
Did you get it to work ?

Thanks !

Edit : never mind I forgot to add the tags arround the script…