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How to integrate a macro to count clicks?

Good morning fellow bubblers,

as we recently decided to revamp some of our banner campaigns with major online partners, we wanted to replace some of those banners with bubble iframes of the same size. This way users could not only click a banner but preselect their desired service which would then direct them to the respective landing page. (That being said, I’m fairly new to bubble, so please excuse if the question has a simple solution to it which I am just not being aware of)

However, we’re now stuck with the problem that we do not know how to keep track of the clicks being made. Would it be possible - and if so, how - to include a macro that allows us to count the clicks that are being made?

My apologies in case the question should turn out to not be specific enough, I still hope to get some feedback from you, though.


should be pretty easy in your workflow. I would make a new data thing on each click. I think you could log the user with doing this and then you’ll know if the same user clicked more than once (don’t quote me on this last part, I don’t have much experience with users yet). then you could make a report page with a sum of the entries.

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So I assume you mean the click in the parent page, clicking on the iFrame ?

I think the only workflow your could use would be on Page Load ?

Thanks for the quick replies and my apologies for my late answer.

@richard: I’ll give this a shot and see if it works, thanks!

@NigelG: The iframe will be embedded on an external page, so I mean the click on the “get offer” button within the iframe.

Ah, ok. In which case the answer above is spot on.