How To Isolate Custom State In Repeating Group?

Apologies in advance, I have spent way to long on this…

I have an RG with a list of questions. I have an “X” icon to indicate (essentially) a default “No” to the question.
I have a custom state (page level) on the icon that when pressed to change to a green check mark to essentially indicate a “Yes” selection has been made.
My problem is when I press/click on the “X” the state change all the answers to all the questions in the RG and not isolated to just that question.

I appreciate any feed back - Thanks!

Use the current cells index

Hey Doug,

Thanks for the response. I guess I don’t know where to change the “current cells index” . The only place/option that appears to be available is at the question title level and all it did was change the text to a number.
Can you please expand on what you meant?

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