How to iterate on a list based on states from within "current" cell?

Can’t find exactly the same topic, so if there is one and the answer is up-to-date (and I’m sure there is one) please lead me there!

What I need is pretty simple:
Make changes to list of things -> based on state values that are stored and set from within the cell.

e.g. I have a list of skill. I want the user to be able to set numer 1-3 to that skill and the yes/no value. If he makes the changes he wants on the button “confirm” the list should be iterated based on those particular values stored in custom states.

I’ve looked into List Shifter but I’m not sure that is possible because there are two (optional I might say) values per skill not only one.

Simple demo:



Any suggestions? :pray:

maybe the orchestra plugin can do it…I believe it is meant to allow elements within a repeating group to communicate outside of it.

Thanks @boston85719. Yes you were right. Orchestra can trigger workflow from within the cell so I can access the cell states.

For those interested the editor below has the solution using Orchestra plugin.

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I just came across this thread, and I’m curious… Was there a UX requirement that the user explicitly click a button to commit the changes for all RG items at once? IOW, was saving the data for each RG item as it’s modified not an option?

Hey @sudsy

Well no, I would not call it an UX requirement rather better workaround for my use case - and more efficient.

Sure, I did that at first, but I wanted to:

  1. Give the user the ability to “cancel” the changes if he changes his mind (My average user has at least 10 items in the list) - so it’s better UX if he/she is able to simply not save the changes
  2. Limit the number of workflows used for this - (1 click = 1 workflow meh)
  3. I have api workflow that does some magic based on the changes so I had a choice either schedule the workflow on every change (well that’s stupid) or put it behind “confirm” button. The backend api is critical. So natural follow up for a “confirm” button was “cancel” button that should do what is suggested by it.

Hope it makes sense.

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Yeah, makes perfect sense. Thanks for the clarification.

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