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How to iterate through things


I’m using an api call to populate a list of things in my app’s Search Results page:

when the page is loaded I’m setting a list of things called Search Results from the api call.

I can display the list of things OK in a repeating group at the moment. see this test page:

I want to display each thing in the list of things one at a time.

On the Search Results page I have a group with a text and a picture in it. I want to iterate through the list of things, displaying the details of each thing from the list, kind of like a slide show with a single pane, except that the picture won’t move until the user clicks a button.

Please help me understand the bubble way to do this :slight_smile:


If you want to automate the move to the next item, I’d take a look at the slideshow plugin. You can set it to be a dynamic list of images and it functions more how you’re describing. I can’t remember if it also displays a caption of sorts, but you may be able to have a single text element sitting on top to be sourced from the slideshow’s current image.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Hi Gaby,

thanks for the suggestion :smile: I’ve already look at that one. While it would do the job I need to have user input to move from one pic to the next rather than in an automated method.

Just came back to this. Can’t check out your link right now but you could make your RG fixed 1x1 and use next and previous buttons to move through the list 1 at a time. The workflow action is “display next/previous”

Or were you able to sort it out?