How to keep datas in an input when you navigate in the app?

Hi everybody !
My app includes a chat part between users and I would like that the input where the user writes his message keeps available the wroten text inside even if the user goes on an other page of the app without sending it.
Scenario :

  • The user is writing a message to an other user.
  • He goes to an other page of the app to check an information before sending the message.
  • He comes back to the chat page and can continue the message he was writing (for the moment, he has to re-write it completely)

I’m using a classical structure of datas with conversations and messages.

Do you have an idea of how I can manage that ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi there, @marketing9… one way you could go is to save the draft message to the database, but one might question why someone would go that route when America’s most beloved Bubbler is about to drop this plugin on the community. Check that one out for sure.


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ahah seems to be very interesting and in line with my needs !
Thanks a lot @mikeloc ! You’re always my best advisor

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