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How to know if a user has been linked with oauth or not

Hi All,

The documentation here (Authenticating Users - Bubble Docs) suggests that if a user is existing in the system, then only way to link that user with their respective oauth identity is to link using the method told there.

However, it is not clear as to how to see if a user has already been linked or not. The Database doesn’t have any field. The list of properties that are shown in the editor while writing “dynamic text” does have more options than what is in database. e.g. It has “Google”, “is email verified” etc. fields. I tried to use “if Google is empty” or print “Google’s ID” or “Google’s email” etc. but none of them are working.

What is the right way of checking if a link is done? I want my app to behave certain way on the basis of whether linking is done or not.