How to know if the user enters from the PC

I want to show my users a banner so they can download the app. with links to the stores, PlaStore and AppStore.
But I want the banner to only be visible to users who use a computer.

If you can send the message to users who use mobile phones and have not yet downloaded it, that would be great.
But I understand the complexity.

If it’s a single page, I would simply create a separate mobile version of that page and put the banner on the desktop version only.

If you want to go more complex, I believe there are plugins to detect the device that you can use.

Wouldn’t those who use a PC have a certain screen size (above mobile size)?

Why wouldn’t you just set the notice to show only above a certain width?

Just asking because it seems simple…but maybe I’m not reading your comment right.

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If I understand that solution it is very simple and very good!!

This led me to think a little deeper. In my app I pay for the BDK Native Apps Plugin and it has a device identifier and other plugins that I can use.

But without a doubt in an App that does not pay for the BDK Plugin, I can easily show the app download PopUp by detecting the screen size

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Screen size will work generally but isn’t a guarantee as users can have a minimzed screen on a desktop, and there are some quite large phone screens out there. If you care sbout outlier cases, there is a basic JS function ismobile that can detect device types.

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