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How to launch without being registered as a company?

Hi amazing people!

I would like to know how to move forward in the following situation:

Let’s say, I am done building my app (a bike rental service) where owners can register their bikes and users can book it. Next step would be launching and advertising…

Am I legally allowed to launch this service without being registered as a company? Is the user allowed to receive a payment through an unregistered company? I dont think so…

I am testing my product and I don’t want to create a structure or register anything yet… I would like to build a solid user db first. For the same reason, I couldn’t open a stripe account. Hence, for now users payment is made in cash directly on the day of the rental and our service is free.

I will be glad to hear your valuable advices and to point out any mistakes to avoid when reaching this critical step.

Thank you so much in advance

Yes, you can trade without a being company. The word to Google is “sole trader”.

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This very much depends on what business/tax regulations you are governed by.

Each country is different, and also sometimes each state/country/province/region etc has their own rules around business registrations and structure.

A company is usually not the only trading structure available, but you would normally need to have some form of registration (even if as Lindsay said, a sole trader/individual registration).

Usually you can have an initial discussion with an accountant about your options :slight_smile: