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How to let users unlink social media login

I am wondering if its possible to unlink social media accounts such as discord or Google? for users?

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I need an answer for this too.

What’s the end goal for the user? You can always add an “update the user’s credentials” workflow to change their information if they want it different from their social media account login.

Imagine a user was created with email login. Then the user links Facebook to his account, so he can login both through email and Facebook. Now imagine I want to unlink that Facebook profile from his account and get back to email-only. How to do that?

Interesting case scenario. Depending on the social media account (Facebook has this) you will have to help navigate the user to their Facebook settings and see what apps they’re connected through in order to disassociate it with yours. The best move within Bubble would be to create a workflow that lets the user change their credentials.

Does changing the credentials remove all linked social auth providers automatically? The “Update the user’s credentials” action doesn’t have any checkbox to unlink social auth providers.

Also, guiding the user to manually remove the app from his Facebook account is pretty impracticable.


I can’t think of anyway you can “unlink” a social media account without either completely deleting the account or “dissociating” the app from the Facebook itself. As far as I know you can only change their credentials.

That’s unfortunate. Bubble could probably expose some way to unlink even if manually by modifying a User.

Just imagine if someone logs in with email and leave the session open. Then someone else logs in with Facebook. Now the both individuals will use the same account. Probably would need to delete the User and ask them to create new accounts. One of the worst user experiences one could ever have.

I’ve thought about this before in terms of privacy and security, and your best best is going to be to log users out after “inactivity” time that you’ll have to setup. Think of it as similar to any mobile banking apps that kick you off to secure your authentification.

Hey wondering if there are any developments here as far as unlinking an LinkedIn account without deleting the user. The primary login for us is to login with a email/password however we use linkedIn for verification purposes. If a user was to create a different account we would potentially want to unlink one account so as they can link another. Bubble does not allow more than one account to be linked


All the user has to do is revoke permission for the app. This is a basic feature of Oauth.

(Phrased another way: There’s no issue here.)

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Hi @keith - this is actually still an issue. If you accidentally link a social login to a Bubble app, there is no way to unlink it, at all. In this scenario:

  1. Log into Bubble
  2. Link Social Network
  3. Log out of Bubble
  4. Revoke OAuth token in Social Network
  5. Log into Bubble using Social Network (re-consenting)

Expected result:

  • Unable to log in, or new account created.

Actual result:

  • Successful login with social network into existing account.

Hi @keith I made a button for users to unlink google account, but I don’t see any “revoke permission” choice in the workflows?

Hey all,

Typically if you just use the “Send Reset Password Email” option and the user resets their email it “unlinks” a user’s social login. This is the case on Bubble’s website too.