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How to Limit Page Length of "Parent/Master Page"

Hey Bubblers,

I have a potentially basic question here. I have a dashboard where there is a master page with multiple pages/elements built/nested within (ex. analytics, reporting ect.)

Some of the nested pages are long so the master page is quite long. However, our users are then able to scroll really far down if they are on one of the more basic pages.

Is there a way to create dynamic length for the master page? I feel like this would be a commonly asked question, but couldn’t find any other threads



Perhaps an admin portal type of layout may help. The user clicks on quick links on a left nav bar and the corresponding section appears front facing.

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Check out @rico.trevisan App Shell Tutorial.

It’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Tldr your specific problem, Group every “Page Group” under 1 single Master Group called, “Group Content”

Key concepts Rico covers:

Every page must be replaced with a reusable element of the same page.

The reusable elements all must have the height of the longest group.

Inside the reusable element, add a collapse group that doesn’t load on page, but collapses its height.

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Specifically check out video #10, it’s 5 minutes long.

The app shell tutorial in general would make your app much faster, but #10 is the very root of your problem.


Thanks for the shoutout, @Perfect .

Which reminds me, I gotta update that video series with the new responsive engine and a few tricks I’ve learned recently.

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Hey @Perfect,

Thanks for the lead and TLDR.

Really helpful!