How to link 2 repeating groups from different pages

I’m wanting to create a relationship between one page and another that contains repeating groups with different datas. I have a client that he manages to create a partner. Each customer can create multiple partners, and each partner can have multiple customers. The problem is: how can I show in my repeating group a list of partners for each client!? The partner creation page within the customer page is different from the page that shows this partner data

my customer database with partners field:

my partner database with customers field. there are other fields such as tax registration number and other related information within this partner database

my repeater group where I register a third party and show it in the form of a table:

an example of how do I show the client repeating group information

now the repeating group that is on another page where I would like to show each partner that each client registered. my page date type is partner type

how can i get this result? I appreciate any help

I’m not sure I get exactly what you’re trying to do. I’m assuming you want to do this:

Page 1
Show a list of Terceiros, and under each one show their Clientes.

Page 2
Show a list of Clientes, and for each one on that page, show their Terceiros.

Either way, you don’t need to link the RGs (Repeating Groups), because all the data you need is in the database. It’s the same data, just organized differently.

You’ll need to use nested RGs, like so:

Page 1
RG, Data source: Search for Terceiros
Within the cell of this RG, place another RG with Data source: Current cell’s Terceiro’s Clientes.
Within the cell of this RG, put a text field with the Cliente’s name, and whatever other Client data you want - Current Cell’s Cliente’s Nombre.

For Page 2, do the same thing, but switch Clientes and Terceiros.

Hope that helps.

actually on page 2 I want to show the “terceiros”. But when I click to edit that terceiros, or view, for example, I want that within the “terceiros” tab I can show which “clientes” that third party belongs to.

what I did before was create a column with the name of CLIENTE and below take the name of the client but it stays that way when I try to put it dynamically

I wanted to access the customer’s name without having to put that first item before, which from what I understand, doesn’t work for what I’d like

Hmm, I’m not sure I understand - when you click on a Terceiro, you want to see which Clientes the 3rd party belongs to. Who is the 3rd party here? Wouldn’t that just be the Terceiro’s Clientes? I’m assuming that if a Cliente is in the Terciero’s list of Clientes, then that Terceiro is also in the Cliente’s list of Terceiros - is that correct? If so, I think the solution I gave would work.

If that’s not true, you might try something like this for the 2nd repeating group in my example above:
Data Source:
Search for Clientes
Terceiros contains this cell’s Terceiro

This will return all Clientes that have the Terciero in their list of Terceiros.

If that doesn’t help, maybe show a diagram or visual of what you’re trying to achieve on the front end.

I tried that first solution but I can’t get it to show current cell’s Terceiro,
this is the diagram I made to build the databases:

this is the page that shows the registered Terceiros.

When I click on the edit icon, it brings me to another page that contains the terceiro data. Like here in this “Dados Gerais”. See there’s another tab called “Terceiro”? This is where I want to show a list of terceiro and their associated cliente. It can even be creating a separate column for the cliente

On the clientes page I show it this way:

I click on edit and it brings me to this other page that is built like this:
This terceiro ab is where I create terceiros to associate with the cliente.

This is the view for a single Terceiro? In this case, I don’t understand which Terceiros you want to show under the Terceiros tab.

You start on a list of Terceiros, then you click on one Terciero, say Terceiro A, to view the data for it. Then in that view you want to click a tab to see Tercieros again…how is this new list of Terceiros related to Terceiro A, which you are viewing? In your DB view, Terceiros are related to Clientes, but not to other Terceiros, so I’m not sure what you want to show here.

This terceiro tab is for viewing all terceiros added by clientes.

Basically copying the behavior of the clientes page but I can’t do that because, even changing the database type to cliente on this exclusive page for terceiros, I can’t see it

I think I’m still not understanding exactly what you want, but I made a couple ways of displaying things using your structure that might be helpful. Take a look at the editor here and results:

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