How to link Buuble Ips to Domain Register DNS?


Anyone knows what can be changed to solve the “unknown URL” access ?

Ive registered a new Domain name .com with my registrar and entered the 2 new Type A, names on the Registrar side.
Its been 24 hours already and my new URL doesnt point to my Bubble App.
I ve also tried to replace the original names of DNS1 and 2 : ns1.
/ ns2.**** references
with the IP provided by the Bubble Webpage (right after creating/adding my new domain name) and getting two “new” IPs. (But REgistar does not let me enter this Ip 54-69***)

Domain settings /
Type A : 54.69**
Type A wwww : 54.69**

I proceeded to the Live deployment anyway.
Know if I clic on Preview I get :
“Everything’s working on our side, so the short link you clicked is either wrong or has been retired.”

Anyone would know where am I missing something to access my App published ?

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