How to link CSV upload records with form data


You can set up a file uploader input element, and then a button that triggers the workflow action “upload data as CSV.”

The “upload data as CSV” workflow action should achieve this for you. There are a few things to keep in mind when using this action:

  • The column headers of your CSV must match exactly the field names of your data type - this is case sensitive.
  • The data entered in each row of the CSV must be valid data. For example, if a field is a number field and the data entered is not a number value, the workflow action will return an error.
  • If you have fields on the data type that connect to other data types, those records of the other data type should already exist, and you should use the unique IDs of the record. Bubble will then automatically recognize the correct records.
  • Lists of things need to be formatted in the spreadsheet as a JSON array - for example: ["item 1","item 2","item 3"]

I hope this helps!