How to list all the users by restaurant

Hi all,

I’m new to bubble and Im’ trying to list all the users that belongs to a specific Restaurant.

Data Types:

  • User (Usuario)

  • Restaurant (Restaurante)

  • Users belong to a Restaurant

  • Restaurant has many Users (List of users).
    I know this is simple but let me share my Data Types arrangements

  • User

  • Restaurante

  • The RG is set as follows:

  • These are the user saved on the DB that belongs to the same Restaurant

  • And I can see them from the Restaurant too as Employees (Empleados - a, Ant)

I can only see ONE user on the repeating group, the user that is currently logged in.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Much appreciated.

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Hi GEORGECOLLIER, you are a Master!!!
I totally forgot that. Lesson learnt.

Have a great weekend!!