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How to make a data type public if its default state is private

Hi everyone,

How can I make the “User” dataset public if it is already private?

I can’t find the solution and was wondering if anyone could help me?

Thank you!

Hi there, @seenamakari… a data type being publicly visible means it doesn’t have any privacy rules associated with it. So, if you want the User data type to be publicly visible, you would have to delete its privacy rules. Is that what you actually want? Or do you just need to have the right rules in place to sure make certain user data is only visible to the certain users?


Hi Mike,

I am creating a tutoring marketplace, and am having trouble linking the Buyer_ID with the Seller_ID. I’ve been told that the way to solve this is to make the Seller_ID’s dataset public so that it’s accessible to the API.

On a slightly unrelated note, will this be problematic with respect to payment security if the dataset is public?

I obviously don’t know exactly what you are trying to do here, however, when running an API workflow, there is a checkbox that enables the workflow to ignore privacy rules… so, maybe that is what you need here.

Depending on the data you are going to be storing in your User data type, it certainly could be problematic to omit privacy rules altogether.

Is this what I should do?

Also, which variables should I keep private to ensure proper security? Will only making the Seller_ID public not be an issue?