How to make a dropdown appear

How can I make the dropdown visible when I hover over the text “Files”?

I’m assuming thats an RG within a group. If not, start by putting it into a group. Then you can create a condition in the group that says “when text files is hovered, this group is visible”. Like such (I have an icon as opposed to a text, but the same principle applies):
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 11.29.49 AM

No the dropdown is a reusable element added to the header. The text “Files” and the icon are in a group.
Will it work?

I’m not 100% certain that this will work for an RE, but this does work for a groupfocus, so maybe worth a try:

Add a tiny group to the page that is not visible on page load and is transparent with no border. Call it something link “TinyHoverGroup”.
Create a condition in this group that says “when text files is hovered, this group is visible”.
Then go to your workflows and create a workflow step “when condition is true”.
Make the condition for this workflow “When tinyHoverGroup is visible show the reusable element”.

I tried what you suggested before it didn’t work. I will try it on a separate page. Can you think of any other way?

Does it work if I put as a condition when text files is hovered ID element (dropdown is available in the list) is visible?

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