How to make a group stretch to fit conditionally?

Hello, on page load of the app I’m working in the dashboard has 2 main groups visible. On page load both the groups have a fixed width range of 45-90%, this has worked to make both groups share the screen. However I am trying to make one group stretch to fit so it takes up the whole page whenever the other group is hidden. I tried to make a condition that when the other group is hidden, the width of the group is 100% but that only makes the group stretch more, not the same as stretch to fit. Thank you for your help in advance.

Just make it so the group you want to stretch to fit has the max width set to nothing in your condition, this way it will stretch as much as it can (ie: stretch to fit)

Problem resolved, I don’t know exactly what I did but nevermind.

A quick look at the element and the conditional would tell you…likely you did the above suggestion

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