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How to make a live map?

I want to make a live map for server so I can see the officers in game from the dispatch cad, anyone could help me?

There is a free one on the FiveM forums here
If you don’t know how to set it up, My company does free FiveM setup and LiveMap installing if you buy a VPS from us. 🦅 Hawk Technology's and Designs | VPS Hosting | Web Hosting | CAD/MDTs | GTA V (Over 600 members)

if you remember im the person who tried to get a cad by inviting people in the discord
and im trying to make everything free as the reason i told you

did you ever figure it out?

Hey @spykerco,

You can do this with a FiveM resource by Havoc:

You’ll need webhosting, our partner Hosturly, LLC has given all our customers 25% off all their services.