How to make a popup show up once?

I am using a “Do when condition is true” workflow to show a popup, and I would like it to show up only once, not once per page load.

I tried referencing this following post, however, I have another boolean, similar to the “Seen By” boolean described in the post that is used to control another part of my web app.
How to make a PopUp to show just once, with a workflow or api workflow?

Is there another alternative workflow I can use to make the popup show up just once?

Why not just add another boolean field to the user (set the default to no when the user is created) and then use the Do when condition is true workflow, but add “and when current user’s New Boolean is No”. Keep it at the only once, but when you show the popup, add another step in the workflow to make changes to the current user and change the new boolean to Yes. This works if the popup will only be viewed once and never seen again.