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How to make a roleplay CAD

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I need help with learning how to make a Roleplay Cad. If someone wants to help me that would be great.

Hi @agharries15

This forum is jam packed with interesting posts and use cases, not to mention a list of useful external resources (some free, some paid):

Enough to get started on your Cad…


Is there a way where people can let me know some steps to make it rather than having me pay for it? I just need this to be done soon.

There are plenty of free resources on the forum to learn from and a number of YouTube videos, plus Bubble’s own documentation covers all aspects, if a little dry.

There are no shortcuts here I’m afraid, you’ll either have to learn the platform or pay someone to build it for you. You need to put in the work, to get the results.

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Do you know what videos are the best for me to watch/

Depends your current level, for starting from scratch there are a few resources:

Tons of useful videos here

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