How to make a workflow repeat a certain amount of times

Basically the title, I want to make a workflow repeat itself when it finishes. How do I do this?

  1. Make it an backend workflow or custom event
  2. Have a condition at the end of it that schedules the same backend workflow or custom event it if e.g. x<3
  3. Update x every time you run a workflow
  4. Be really careful not to repeat it indefinitely
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What condition it would be?

Thanks a lot!

Well, I have not had a use case personally for this yet but if I had to do it I would have a simple field Count on the Data Type you want to make changes on and let’s say you want to repeat the workflow on this Thing 3 times:

  1. Have a default Count = 0
  2. Every time the workflows go through update the Count= Count+1
  3. Have condition that only runs the workflow if the Count is <= 3. (same condition on the scheduling action but there you should use it as "Results of Step X…Count <=3 as a backup)

So I would do it like that, but of course if you try doing it, test it out to make sure it isn’t looping indefinitely on edge cases

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Awesome bro! Thanks a lot!

I will try it!


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