How to make an explore page?

Hello! I am making a social media app, and I want to make an explore page like Instagram or Twitter. You will be able to scroll through lists of users see “hot” posts with lots of likes. Can anyone give me some advice?

Create a Like object, add this like object as a list of likes field on users posts. Also add a number field “number of likes” when someone clicks like add the like object to the user post and increase the like count

Now, you have a way to organize posts by likes. You can similarly do post views to measure impressions by adding a view to the post once it becomes visible on the screen

Bubble has “sort by” in the do a search for field so you can “sort by” number of likes for example, descending = yes

Then you can filter the posts by most recent that’s advanced filter "current date/time - this post’s creation date formatted as days is “x number of days” or hours for instance to only show recent trending posts

Thanks! I will use this for the new/top pages. However, I just have two more questions. One, how could I make a “hot” page? So that it shows posts with lots of likes, but now THE most likes, and everytime I refresh it it shows something different. Also, how could I make a section that shows a few random users that are “suggested to follow” Thanks!

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I’m also interested in this…