How to make an other login function that standarised email and password?

Hey I’m trying to make a login where a user normarly would only use a NFC card instead of an email adress and password.

Is there anyway to do this instead of the normal user way that are already implemented in bubble?


I guess there isent anyway since noone acctally responded wrote something back to be yet.

there definately would be a way to ultimately do this however it would involve code, from what i am aware there is no plugins off the shelf that do this in the bubble library.

You would have to delevop or have developed a plugin to do so or connect to an external service.

I imageine by the lack of replies its not something that a lot of people are needing so it would be something you would have to look at yourself.

So the answer is if you havee money or know-how then yes
If your relying on bubble in its current form then no