How to make an RG invisible, but still active


I’m using some repeating groups to do some work, but i don’t want them visible. I’m certain there are tricks others have used. Is there a way to have them invisible but still run? Or maybe using a hidden pop-up?

I’m just looking for a quick idea, no need to write out a huge reply.

Thanks in advance!

put it into a popup


So that works mostly, but for some reason i have to show the popup, and i have to click on it for one of the plugins to work (RG extractor). I have two different repeating groups using an extractor, but only one isn’t automatically passing the data.

I know there isn’t much to work with here, but if you had any random quick thoughts, I would love to hear it.

Any thoughts on this?

What is the R.G. Extractor plugin used to do?

display: none;

I’m not entirely certain how to implement css yet. I know there are some plugins and I’ve tried to find resources on the forum as to how to use either the classify plugin or csstools.

I’ll try to implement this once i figure out how to use them. Thanks!

Just figured it out. Muddling through things can be painful at times :wink:

Thanks very much for the inspiration.

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