How to make change of another field of parents group

I want to make changes of “parents group’s object” but by mistake i select “parent group’s plan” i was unable to reset it to “parent group’s object”.

how to list “parent group’ object” instead of “parent group’s plan” .

please take a look at the attached snip.

That fact that it says Parent Group’s Plan in the dropdown menu means that the parent group currently has a content-type of ‘Plan’.

So the parent group has an associated plan (not an associated object).

There are 2 ways you can associate an ‘Object’ to the parent group…

  1. You can change the content type of the group from ‘Plan’ to ‘Object’ in the property editor for the group (note: depending on how many other things refer to that group’s plan, this may break things in your app, so you’ll need to fix them all after making the change - the issue checker should help you here).

  2. Add a custom state to the group of type ‘Object’, then set the value as and when you need to (i.e. on page load, or on some other action). Then you can refer to the parent group’s Object value in your workflows.