How to make dynamic custom listview?Pls Advice

Hello All,
I’m very new to here and still learning the basics.But I wanna know how to create a dynamic custom listview like this as below. I will fetch my data from firebase after knowing my answer

I know its too basic but pls let me know :sweat_smile:


Depends (because of Firebase) if your user data buckets have security rules or not. Perhaps your not pulling from a secure bucket?

If you are using secure buckets, you might want to consider creating a custom plug-in.

However, if you are not using a secure bucket in the bucket of data is open access, you should be able to call the bucket end point URL via the Bubble API connector and retrieve the data easily!!! The video from @cmarchan should be helpful.

If you need help getting secure bucket data, holler back!

Thanks for your response!
I spent my whole day to find some documentation for [FIREBASE REALTIME DB - Bubble API] but unfortunately didn’t got anything.
I just wanna know [ Is it possible to integrate firebase realtime db with my web app for FREE??(No paid plugin) ]

I already searched lot in forum and there’s no complete solution of this.
Its a request @jared.gibb to provide/guide for the same documentation*. I think u know the best.

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You didn’t answer the question though. :slight_smile:

Do the data buckets you are attempting to retrieve have privacy rules for reading the data?

My answer will be different depending on your answer to my first question. :raising_hand_man:

Yeah right.Data buckets have open rules to [READ::WRITE].

So usually, you could take your Firebase bucket URL and add .json to the end of the URL as a GET api call. Start there. Then return. Let’s hash it out, then you write up a set of instructions?!

Nice,it works.
But Now I’m thinking that anyone can bypass or hack this way to retrieve data from webapp unless it has some security.
And we can only retrieve data through json but what about [CREATE DATA : DELETE DATA] how can we do that? :thinking:

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