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How to Make Each Repeating Group Value as Parameter on API Call?

Hi ,

I want to create content from openai based on the paramater of each repeating group value paralelly.

For example i

[ Repeating group ]
value 1
value 2
value 3

[openai prompt]
create content with about [value x].

value x is each value from repeating group. that i want to achieve

Currently to make it paralel process i try to use backend workflow and schedule api on the list. But the result not looping for each repeating group instead it append each value from repeating group be one parameter . because of that, prompt openai becoming wrong since prompt changed to

create content with about [value x, value y, value z]

I want to set parameter from each repeating group value on paaparam on this current configuration

Could you help me figure out what i miss ?