How to make floating group above first group

Hey, I want my floating group to be above my first element and then scroll down. Right now my first group is going behind the floating group so you can’t see the first bit of the pic . Any tips?

Must use the float above elements selection on the floating group

This is a layout issue in terms of positioning…not the same concept as making the floating group above the elements in the sense of floating above the elements, however, it seems like you are not asking about how to float above the elements, but just how to position it properly.

The positioning issue is with your regular group that contains the images. You should put a top margin on the group to be of the same value as the height of the floating group. Usually you may also want a bit of a gap space as well, so maybe add 20 to top margin so use the floating group height + 20 as the value you set for the top margin on the regular group.

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