How to make Imessage preview of a URL look good?

Anyone know how to do this?

Say you have campaigns, each with a different url and image/title

I noticed you can dynamically change the text that is previewed when sending the link in Imessage, through the Page Title

But how to do this for the image?

There’s a main image you can set in SEO settings at the app level, that will include that image when posting the link

But how do you make it dynamic per page?

I am not sure if you can make it dynamic but the only way I could think it might work would be if you add something like the following in your “Script/meta tags in the header” Under the “Settings” => “SEO/metatags” tab.

let url = window.location.pathname
document.querySelectorAll('meta[property=og\\:image]')[0].setAttribute('content', '')

Then you can add else if statements for each page. Again not sure if this will work but just might. I couldn’t find anyone else trying to do this online but this is kind of pieced together from all examples of setting the meta tag image differently. the window.location.pathname just gets everything after the website so for the above example if it was really the profilePage then the url would have been

Also I know this is not a very good “Bubble” response but I don’t think the ability to do this is given to us by Bubble so next best thing is to add the code.

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